Razan is free! Thank you all for your support! رزان الآن حرة! شكراً للجميع على دعمهم المستمر!

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- [Sun, Dec 18] Nadine Ghazzawi tweeted that her sister is "officially out": http://is.gd/k0Rp9t - FreeRazan's Facebook Page also confirmed the news: http://is.gd/8Tr4uB saying "Razan is fine and she says hi to all the free ones"

- [Tue, Dec 13] Razan Ghazzawi was charged with “establishing an organization that aims to change the social and economical entity of the state” and “weakening the national sentiment, and trying to ignite sectarian strife” and “weakening national sentiment” according to a report in the Lebanese DailyStar http://is.gd/O8DTAb - More about the news in an article by Jillian C. York on GlobalVoices: http://is.gd/BriF0l

- [Wed, Dec 7] Nadine Ghazzawi (Razan's sister) said on Twitter that Razan has been moved to Adra jail (سجن عدرا) in Damascus (http://is.gd/fwmWFx)

Prominent Syrian blogger and activist Razan Ghazzawi was arrested today (December 4th, 2011) at the Syrian-Jordanian border while on her way to attend a workshop for advocates of press freedoms in the Arab world.

قدمت شرطة الهجرة و الجوازات عصر اليوم الأحد 4/12/2011 على اعتقال الناشطة والمدونة السورية رزان غزواي عند الحدود السورية الأردنية – حيث كنت متجهة لحضور ملتقى المدافعين عن حرية الإعلام في العالم العربي في عمان ممثله المركز السوري للإعلام و حرية التعبير.

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Media and press coverage:
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